General information about the dean's office of the faculty of technical systems and energy efficient technologies of SumDU:

Gusak Alexander Grigorovich

Ph.D., Professor 
Alexander Gusak

Vice Dean :
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Yevhen Savchenko

Vice Dean  for Educational and Methodological Work:
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Eduard Kolisnichenko

Vice Dean  for Research:
D.Sc., Professor 
Ivan Pavlenko

Vice Dean  for International Cooperation:
D.Sc., Professor
Vitalii Ivanov

Vice Dean  for Information and Media Technologies:
D.Sc., Professor
Alexander Liaposhchenko

Vice Dean for Educational Work:
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Serhiy Sharapov

Vice Dean  for Vocational Orientation:
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Khrystyna Berladyr

Vice Dean  for Distance and Distance Learning:
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Alexander Ivchenko

Vice Dean for Sports:
Maxim Kunpan

Head of the Computing Center of the Faculty:
Vasily Smirnov

The composition of the dean's office:

Leading specialist: Kutas Lyudmila Anatoliyivna

Specialist of the I category: Alekseeva Olena Oleksandrivna

Software Engineer: Kovtun Anastasia Olehivna

Leading specialist: Prykhodchenko Maria Borysivna

Dean's Office of the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies:
Laboratory building "A", room A212;
street Rimsky-Korsakov 2, Sumy, 40007, Ukraine

Phone: (0542) 33-10-24

Email: [email protected]