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Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum-Refineries Department (PECPR Department)Processes and Equipment of Chemical

and Petroleum-Refineries Department (PECPR Department)

The purpose of department creation in 1965 was intensive development of machine-building and chemical industry in Sumy and Sumy oblast.

The department has the fourth the highest level of accreditation (the license of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 196859 from 26.12.1998 р.).

The teaching staff includes 1 Doctor of Engineering and 7 candidate of technical sciences (iqual to doctor in sciences).

The Head of the Department

Склабинский В.И. home crop

Sklabinskyy Vsevolod Ivanovych 
Academic degree and academic rank: Doctor of Engineering, full professor 
Sphere of scientific interest: 
Hydrodynamics and mass transfer in vortex flows processes, research and implementation of vortex flows devices.
Contact information:
Sumy State University
vul.Rymskogo-Korsakova, 2
40007 Sumy, Ukraine
тел. (0542)33-71-24
тел./факс (0542)33-40-58, 33-71-42.

The department awards Bachelor degree, Specialist degree (5 years of study) and Master degree. The department offers the postgraduate study.

Our students carry out scientific research and as a result they take awards in Ukrainian scientific contests, Askon company contest – “The Future Aces at 3D Modeling ”. They also publish scientific articles and take part at international scientific and technical conferences.

The graduating students obtain skills in designing and calculating processes and equipment of chemical and petroleum industry according to valid normative documents, which regulates the work of a plant, with the help of advanced methods and computer technology. The students have an opportunity to get acquainted with modern development tendencies of chemical and petroleum industry using literary survey and patent research. They can not only carry out physical simulation of hydrodynamic and heat and mass transfer processes on a test bench, but also create own mathematical model, process and analyze research data. In the end of a research work a graduating student works out the optimal variant of technological process and equipment embodiment.

The graduating students of the department mostly work at chemical, gas and oil-refining, food, spirit and construction industries. They get the positions of a foreman, mechanical engineer, key specialist and main specialist. Our graduating students work in different countries of the world (Iran, Iraq, European and African countries).

The Department focuses its research on intensification of heat and mass transfer processes in chemical technology, creation and application of new chemical equipment, as well as for solving ecological problems of chemical enterprises. The laboratories are equipped with mock-up and piloting apparatuses, models of the apparatuses and machines of chemical enterprises.

Students, postgraduates, staff are involved in research activity of the Department.


Research Areas

·         Processes and equipment of chemical and oil-processing industry, computer calculation and chemical equipment design.

·         Processes and equipment of oil-processing industry, improvement of separation technology of gas condensate, water and oil mixtures, design and implementation of high-performance inertial and filtering gas separators, drop catchers, mist extractors.

·         Contact devices for mass transfer processes.

·         Technics and technology for obtaining and using the alternative and self-regenerating power supply.

·         Design of rotodynamic pumps for juice, syrup, water and gas mixture, hydromixture pumping, which contain solid impurities of large size.

·         Design of energy-efficient processes and equipment with active aerodynamic mode for technological process intensification.

·         Vortex heat and mass transfer devices.


Research Projects

January 2010– present: Researchofhydrodynamic, mass-transfer and heat-transfer descriptionswithvorticalandhighturbulencemonophaseanddiphasestreams. Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine(State Registration Number0110U002632)

January2008December2010: Researchofthevorticalgranulation, mass-transfer and heat-transfer devices. Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine(State Registration Number0106U013012)

January2006December2008: Working off the technological and structural parameters of porous granules creation knot and delivery of basic data for planning the setting of receipt of porous ammoniac saltpetre, development of designer document on setting of receipt of  porous ammonium nitrate (PAN). Economic contractual research work(Registration Number82.05.09.07/п1)

Scientific Developments


1. Vortex spray counter-current flow mass-transfer devices

Application: the processes of absorptive dehumidification of natural and associated petroleum gas, reprocessing of steady carbonic gas condensate and oil into diesel fuel and flash gasoline with the help of  rectification using the engine fuel plants; heat and mass-transfer  processes.

Liquid atomization takes place due to the influence of high-speed gas flow on water flow. So as a result, we get superfine spraying, the drops move on a spiral path to the periphery of mass-transfer chamber being counter-current to gas flow.

The counter-current vortex gas and liquid (drop) flows were used in the real construction of mass-transfer device for the first time. It allowed achieving several stages of concentration change in one degree of spraying and replacing the column equipment, which contains 6-10 contact elements with one device.

2. Gas separators of inertial and filtering type

Application: natural and associated petroleum gas  purifying from liquid (condensate, hydrate inhibitor, water) and mechanical impurities on initial, intermediate, and final stage of separation in dehumidification plants, low-temperature separation,  gas  refinement, complex  refining gas plant, compressor plant of gas-main pipeline, underground storage facility, industrial compressor plant giving an additional pressure.

The design of combined gas separators are distinguished by high efficiency of gas cleaning from liquid, in wide range the alteration of efficiency and pressure have reduced hydrodynamic resistance. Separators are equipped with effective entrance assembly units, they fulfill the function of preliminary water separation and mechanical impurities entrapping, fine aerosol coagulators, and high performance centrifugal, inertial and filtering separation elements.

3. Rotating vibro-granulator

Rotating vibro-granulator is applied in the chemical industry and is intended for dispersion fusion of nitrogen fertilizers on uniform drops in the granulation tower with their following cooling and crystallization into solid granules in the process of a free fall in the up-coming stream of cooling air. Rotating vibro-granulator is intended for production of monodisperse granulated nitrogen (ammoniac saltpeter, carbamide) and complex fertilizers and represents the system of compactly located primary and ancillary equipment, pipelines.

Use of the process of monodispersion brings radical improvement into the technology of fertilizers production. Use of uniform (monodisperse) granules in agriculture allows disseminating fertilizers evenly on the fertilized area and due to this – to get an additional rise of a crop to 10 %.

Vibro-granulators allow receiving firm monodisperse granules with a smooth glossy surface (monodisperse degree - up to 99 %) what stipulates for the possibility of intensification of granulation process and essentially raises agro-technical value of fertilizers.

4. Vortex type granulator with a variable height cross section of the working space

The way of granulation from fusions, solutions and the suspensions is put in a basis of the vortex type granulator with a variable height cross section of the working space functioning, founded on improvement on dynamics of movement a granules stream that provides increase in monodisperseof granules and uniformity granulometricstructure of a prepared product. Vortex type granulator allows receiving the granulated products without application granulation towers which are equipped by difficult and expensive system of communications and have considerable overall dimensions. The developed design of vortex type granulator allows not only to receive granules of the set structure, but also to spend classification of granules by the size.

The basic advantages of the offered device: 1) possibility of reduction of overall dimensions (in particular, heights) working space; 2) time increase of a granule staying in the working space of the vortex type granulator; 3) possibility of traffic control of a granule in working space of the device; 4) creation in the volume of working space of intensive hydrodynamics with high turbulence; 5) universality (possibility of carrying out of granulation and drying processes in volume of one device); 6) simplicity of manufacturing, possibility of fast readjustment and change of constructive and technological parameters according to the set task.

5. The unit for pneumatic classification and cleaning of seed and corn crops

The compact unit for pneumatic cleaning of corn of agricultural crops and seeds germination was developed. The principle of unit operation is based on the division of seed and corn heap of crops in the pneumatic classifier with the help of contact element in the way, that mass, passing through the unit, is cleaned from heavy and minor dirt, derived from unit separately from refined corn. In addition the aspiration system is used for cleansing from light dirt.

6. The complex processing line for granulated ammonium nitrate production

The usage of modern granulation technology allows designing complex devices for ammonium nitrate production using dilute solutions. Such complex devices have a simplified assembly unit of neutralization, which exclude solution evaporation to the condition of highly concentrated fusion and construction of expensive granulation tower.

The processing line includes the following equipment as heat exchangers, blowers, containers, compressors, pumps, gas cleaner, conveyor belt, filters.

7. Structured fillings of separation, heat and mass transfer equipment

The intensification of mass transfer is caused by the presence of entrance effects as a result of frequent destruction and film refacing and its circulation in depth. The next aspect is repeated gas phase throttling according to the filling height at its expansion in width in gaps among blocks and its contraction in the ducts of the filling, resulting in phase turbulization and low-frequency pulsation modulation. Uniformity of direction control according to the height increases the performance of a contact device. The suggested high-performance fillings have low hydrodynamic resistance, high productivity and efficiency, minimal losses of liquid and gas, significant independent volume, high strength, water and gas self-distibution. The fillings have a high activity factor of a column cross-section and a strong separation ability. The filling usage diminishes the overall dimensions of mass transfer device.

8. Classifying crystallizers

Classifying crystallizer allow to obtain macrocrystalline mineral salts and fertilizers of homogeneous granulometric composition, the average size of granules is 0,8 – 3,0 mm. Classifying crystallizers differ from others as super saturation is created in one part of the device and we obtain it in the other part, which has the crystal layer in pseudoliqiud state due to the ascending liquid flow. Use ranging from fluidized bed crystallizer is one way to solve problems to improve quality, reduce energy consumption and intensify in the process of obtaining inorganic salts and mineral fertilizers.

Laboratories and Centers

1.    Laboratory of Processes and Equipment of Chemical Industry

2.    Laboratory of Investigation and calculation of devices for chemical industry

3.    Laboratory of Machines and Equipment of Chemical Industry

4.    Science and Technology Center "Processes and equipment of bioenergy"



1.Public Joint Stock Company «Sumy Frunze Machine-Building Science and Production Association»
2. Public Joint-Stock Company
3. Public Joint-Stock Company
4. Sumy Joint Stock Company «Centrolit»
6. Sumy State Scientific-Research Institute of Mineral Fertilizers and
7. Concern "Ukrrosmetall"
8. Kerameya, Ltd.
9. Shostka Public Factory "Impulse"«
10. Obolon» corporation
11. Open Joint-Stock company “Korosten chemical engineering plant”


We are always happy to meet new people and are interested in mutually beneficial relations. We offer our scientific product and hope that it will arouse the interest of prospective partners. The Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum Refinery Department is looking forward to meeting new partners and hopes for effective cooperation
Our Address:

40007, Sumy,
(0542) 33-71-24
vul.Rymskogo-Korsakova, 2
Sumy State University
Processes and Equipment of Chemical and Petroleum Refinery Department

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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тел./факс (0542)33-40-58, 33-71-42.

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