Areas of training, professional orientation and licensed volumes in accordance with the reception plan in 2022 on the Faculty of Engineering Systems and Energy Efficient Technologies (TeSET) of Sumy State University

Direction Professional field Licensed volume State order volume
Ecology and Environmental Protection and Balanced Nature Management Ecology and Environment    
Material engineering Applied Science of Materials    
Engineering Mechanics Manufacturing Engineering    
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment
Engineering Chemical production equipment and building materials enterprises    
Machine tools and systems
Instrumental Production
Heat Power Engineering Energy Management    
Power Machinery Compressors, pneumatic aggregates and vacuum technology    
Refrigeration machines and installations
Mechanics Computer Mechanics    
Specific categories Quality, standardization and certification    

Ukrainian language and literature is defined as the first object for all areas of training.

Characteristics of Specialties

Ecology and Environmental Protection. Training of engineer ecologists for work at industry and agriculture, utilities and state structure of ecological safety.

Applied Material Science. Training of processing engineers for implementation of manufacturing, organizational-administrative and research activity in the field of development, receipt and heat treatment of machine materials for job at manufacturing enterprises and research laboratories; creation of volume and surface thermostrengthening, alloying and fusing of outworn and restored parts; application of manufacturing processes of welding and fusing for restoration of machine parts; using of state-of-the-art computer technologies during thermostrengthening processes designing.

Manufacturing Engineering. Training of modern manufacturing engineers (Specialist’s Degree and Master’s Degree) for work at positions from the foreman and processing engineer till the head of workshop, manufacturing manager, and the head of organization department at enterprises of different patterns of ownership, lecturers of higher educational institutions. Graduate students are able to use knowledge of Manufacturing Engineering, Machine Assembly Production, Economics, Foreign Languages etc., and to apply state-of-the-art computer technologies and CAD/CAM/CAE/CAPP software for increasing of labor productivity and product quality, to conduct scientific researches.

Engineering Mechanics. Mechanical engineering is a discipline applying the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is one of the
oldest and broadest engineering disciplines.

The engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more.

The Mechanical Engineering program at Sumy State University is designed to train graduates who can deal with world situations that involve technological and humanistic/societal issues. Students develop literacy and competency in utilizing scientific and engineering methods for designing useful products in an economical way, while considering the impacts on society. According to the Mechanical Engineering Program each student develops competence, confidence and skills of self-learning.

Metal-cutting Machines and Systems. Training of Specialists and Masters for work at design departments at manufacturing enterprises and organizations and to operate effectively computer hardware with virtual computer technologies.

Tool Production. This profession requires specific knowledge in Mathematics, Descriptive Geometry and background information. Specialists using modern computer CAD/CAM/CAE technologies perform very complicated calculations and drawings.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines. Training of engineers in the area of applied hydro- and aeromechanics with advanced physico-mathematical and computer skills. Engineers are trained for industrial-engineering, organizational and administrative work, design and research in the area of development and operation hydraulic and pneumatic machines, hydraulic actuators, and hydraulic and pneumatic automation.

Equipment of Chemical Manufacturing and Enterprises of Building Materials. Training of Specialists and Masters for design, industrial-engineering activity in chemical machine building and apparatus building, as well as in the branches, relating to design, research, implementation and application of the new manufacturing processes and equipment of chemical, food, oil-gas-refining industries and enterprises of building materials.

Compressors, Pneumatic Units and Vacuum Engineering. Training of Specialists and Masters for work at design and planning organizations, research and academic institutions, industrial enterprises for research and development, manufacture and maintenance of compressors, vacuum equipment, pneumatic units, thermal devices, energy saving technologies.

Refrigerating Machines and Plants. Training of Specialists and Masters for work at construction and design organizations, research and academic institutions, industrial enterprises, that deals with research, development, manufacture, and operation of refrigerating, cryogenic techniques, various technologies of using refrigeration, thermal equipment and devices, energy saving technologies.

Energy Management. Training of energy managers and energy auditors of efficient using of energy equipment, development and implementation of energy saving technologies at industrial enterprises and organizations.

Computer Mechanics. Graduate students work at research laboratories, calculation and design departments at enterprises of different branches of modern machine building. Their knowledge and experience is useful for development of pumping and compressor equipment, and also operation and maintenance of such equipment at enterprises of chemical, oil- and gas-transport and conversation branches, thermal and atomic energetic, public service, etc. for increasing the reliability and efficiency of its use. Training of students (undergraduate and graduate) is performed according to the specialization, topical for industry in Sumy region: hermetic mechanics, vibration reliability, technical diagnosis of machines.

Quality, Standardization and Certification. Training is performed on the basis of Bachelor’s Degree or Specialist’s Degree. Graduate student will obtain Master Degree and qualification “Engineer of Quality”, that corresponds to the international classification Quality Manager.

Levels of training

Manufacturing Engineering 6.050502 - bachelor
7.05050201 - speciaist
8.05050201 - master
Machine tools and systems 6.050502 - bachelor
7.05050301 - specialist
8.05050301 - master
Instrumental Production 6.050503 - bachelor
7.05050302 - specialist
8.05050302 - master
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment 6.050502 - bachelor
7.05050205 - specialist
8.05050205 - master
Chemical production equipment and building materials enterprises 6.050503 - bachelor
7.05050315 - specialist
8.05050315 - master
Compressors, pneumatic aggregates and vacuum technology 6.050604 - bachelor
7.05060405 - specialist
8.05060405 - master
Refrigeration machines and installations 6.050604 - bachelor
7.05060403 - specialist
8.05060403 - master
Ecology and Environment 6.040106 - bachelor
7.04010601  - specialist
8.04010601  - master
Computer Mechanics 6.040202 - bachelor
7.04020203 - specialist
8.04020203 - master
Applied Science of Materials 6.050403 - bachelor
7.05040301 - specialist
8.05040301 - master
Energy Management 6.050601 - bachelor
7.05060105 - specialist
Quality, standardization and certification 7.18010010 - specialist
8.18010010 - master


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