Yaryna Fedorchenko, a first-year student at the TeSET faculty at Sumy State University, won gold in the girls' 40kg weight category at the World Sambo Championships.

The competition was held in Novi Sad (Serbia), the final matches of the World Championship among boys and girls under 18 took place on November 7. Our student defeated a rival from Russia with a score of 3: 0.

Yaryna Fedorchenko is a native of Okhtyrka, where she began her sports career. Well-known coaches Yuriy Meerovych and Volodymyr Kysil took care of the preparation of the future champion.

It should be noted that this is not Yarina's first sporting achievement of this level: in 2018 at the World Championships the girl won a silver medal, in 2019 - a bronze. And here is the dream gold.

According to the leading specialist of the SSU sports club, judo coach Serhiy Kolesnichenko, the girl was honestly preparing for the competition, although under quarantine conditions, it was not easy. Twice she held a sports training camp in Sumy, then trained in Koncha Zaspa. The athletes went to Serbia a week before the competition for adaptation and training.

Despite a busy training schedule, Yarina studies well. She tells the teachers that she has always dreamed of joining SSU and is proud to study at such a prestigious institution of higher education.

Sumy State University is also proud of its student and wishes Yarina Fedorchenko further sports and educational victories!



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