Under the leadership of Prof. Dyadyura K.O., Sumy State University has launched the international educational grant project Jean Monnet Actions under ERASMUS+ Programme ERASMUS-JMO-2021-HEI-TCH-RSCH EUNanoGreen - 101047940 "Responsible development of nanosafety as the contribution to the European Green Deal" (2022-2025).

The project is interdisciplinary in nature and will be implemented by teachers of two structural subdivisions of SumDU - the Faculty of Technical Systems and Energy Efficient Technologie and Medical Institute (co-performer. - Assoc. Prof. Hrebenyk L.I.).

The innovativeness of the project objectives and the European direction of the elective course, the implementation of which is provided under the project, will help raise students' awareness of nanotechnology safety in the context of strategic directions of the European Green Agreement. This course will be integrated into the training programs of specialists in the fields of "Biomedical Engineering", "Environmental Technology", "Ecology", "Medicine". The development and implementation of the new course align with current trends in education and science, which are associated with the development of new environmentally friendly and dangerous nanotechnologies. The content of the new elective course takes into account the main directions of nanosafety development in Europe in the context of the European Green Agreement. It involves the involvement of society and stakeholders in the European integration debate.

Implementation of the project will provide students with new knowledge about nanotechnology in the promotion of high standards of the European Green Deal, initiate active dialogue between research institutions, industry, NGOs on nanotechnology opportunities and their risks in the green transition in Ukraine, increase citizens' activities to support the safe usage of nanotechnology.


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